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BYKE's 10th Birthday

Yup we are turning 10 years young!!!

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Ride with BYKE because it's a party. Starting off with an adventurous bike ride throughout Baltimore City. Exploring new locations and interacting with the group.  

The ride will end at our final destination, where you’ll get the chance to be a BYKE member. The event space will be filled with live entertainment, screen printing, UNO battles, bike repairs, catered food, and live entertainment.  

Theme: Be a Superhero 

What is your X factor? Everyone has their own talents and knowledge, when powers are combined and we teach each other, a community is formed. Not all superheroes wear caps. Come dressed as your favorite Superhero or create your own superhero VIBE.

Our Memories

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Side Kick : Bike Ride + Event Ticket + 1 Raffle Ticket

Hero : Bike Ride + Event Ticket + 5 Raffle Tickets

Super Hero : Bike Ride + Event Ticket + 20 Raffle Tickets

Calling for Vendors


Want to be a Vendor ?

We are expecting 100-200 attendees at this event, who all love and respect the work that we do for the community. 

The promotion of this event has the capacity to reach 4,500 allies. 

If you want to support this event and get your name out into the community, send and email to

Vendors will receive free promotion and 2 tickets to the event!

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