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BYKE Collective is hosting a youth safety bike summit and bike trick competition

BYKE Collective is a youth enrichment program dedicated to personal and professional development through learning bicycle mechanics, practicing safe ridership, and building community. We are hosting a bike trick/wheeling competition, Crank Masterz. Our goal for this event is to not only celebrate our youth's bike skills but also inform the community about safe bike ridership and public health safety.


One-third of vehicle to pedestrian accidents injures people under 19 years of age, and 60 percent of those involved are male. In densely-populated Baltimore City, pedestrians are often at risk, with crashes in Baltimore representing 30 percent of all statewide pedestrian crashes (Baltimore City Transportation Safety Plan, 2015). With all of this data we want to provide the resources and information to increase their awareness about ridership safety.

When:  June 24th  

Time: 5-8pm

Where:  2101 East Biddle Street Baltimore, MD 21213

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of Crank Masterz

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