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In Baltimore, children learn to bike before they can walk. Their connection to one another is based on riding bikes, doing tricks, and wheeling together whenever they can. 

We strive to ensure that everyone has access to bike repairs and bike safety knowledge, regardless of their financial or geographical barriers.

In addition to ensuring their bikes are safe, we empower them to perform their own repairs. Furthermore, we wish to provide young people with more spaces where they can fully express themselves and build with each other.


Using the drop-in model, youth members have the opportunity and freedom to use our space at their own pace. In so doing, a youth member choosing to be in our space, a space where they can freely express themselves, is choosing to be in a positive environment where they can engage in more holistic programming. Our program does not penalize members who have other obligations (coach class, household duties, doctor's appointments, court dates, employment, self-care) if they are not present. We believe young people should be allowed to develop those skills just as much as adults do.

Bike Parts

If you would like to support more brave spaces for young residents, support our efforts by clicking below:

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