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Hola, mi nombre es Ezequiel Garciaguirre mis amigos me llaman EZE. Cuando tenía 7 años, mi abuelo me dio mi primera bicicleta y he estado montando mi bicicleta desde entonces. Todo niño debería tener una bicicleta. Ezebmx se trata de compartir mis talentos de mecánica de bicicletas y las palabras de Jesus Christ.





Hi, my name is Ezequiel Garciaguirre my friends call me EZE. When I was 7 my grandfather gave me my first bike and I have been riding my bike ever since. Every child should have a bike.  Ezebmx is about sharing my bike mechanics talents with the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.  



This is my BMX brand, ART.BMXEZE 
If you are interested in purchasing a bike or would like me to build you a custom BMX, fill out the form below.






New bikes coming soon

Click here if you want to request a bike from EZE    

Eze was a part of the Golden Fleet Internship (3rd cohort, 2020). It's been a true honor to support Eze on his next adventure. BYKE Collective does not affiliate with any religious, spiritual, or political group, it's our duty to support our community. Eze plans to reinvest funds raised from his bike sales to support his new growing business and provide free bikes to kids in his community.  

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